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‘Kozak-2’ belongs to the MRAP class of combat vehicles – special vehicles designed to protect the crew from mine explosions and ambushes. The tasks that the Kozak-2 can perform include patrolling, escorting vehicles, communications and fire support for personnel in combat. The vehicle was developed by the Ukrainian company PJSC RPA ‘Practika’. The ballistic protection of the armored vehicle is provided by special alloy steel with ultra-high hardness, it also has bulletproof glass. The armor protects the crew from small arms fire of 7.62 mm caliber, ammunition fragments and mines. The crew and troops are equipped with anti-trauma seats with five-point safety belts. The vehicle can be armed with a heavy machine gun or a 7.62 mm machine gun, both of which are mounted in an armored turret with a circular rotation. In the Ukrainian army, the armored vehicle is in service with airborne assault troops, marines and reconnaissance units, and has also been supplied to the National Guard and the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. Since the beginning of full-scale war, Kozak-2 has been widely used by various units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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