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SKIF 1/35 T-80UDK

SKIF 1/35 T-80UDK

SKU: 226

In comparison with the basic model the commanding T-80UDK tank is additionally equipped with a time-fuse sapping system for high-explosive shells with an electronic proximity contact fuse, a short­wave radio station, a navigational apparatus, a nd self-contained power supply electro generator. The primary armament of the tank is a 125 mm smoothbore tank gun-launcher. The ammunition supply consists of 45 rounds of separate-loading. The ammunition load includes a round with a guided missile. Smoke dischargers and "Tucha" smoke grenade launchers are used for smoke screening. The tank is equipped with the entrenching tools and the device for hanging up a mine sweeper. The tank is powered by 2-stroke diesel 6TD engine. The engine power is 736 kilowatt (1000hp). The engine is multi-fuel, compact and economizing. The tank has seven for ward gears and one reverse. The caterpillar track assembly consists of the caterpillar tracks with rubberized track shoes and rubber-metal joints. The tank is equipped with the independent torsion-bar suspension. The tank is provided with the effective fire fighting system as well as with the deep wading equipment that permits water fording up to 5 meters deep.


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