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SKIF 1/35 MT-LB-ZU-23-2

SKIF 1/35 MT-LB-ZU-23-2



Starting with the events in Pridnestrovje (Moldova) in 1992 and later in combat actions in Chechnya (Russia) in 1999-2003 due to the self-active design thought they started to mount a dual-mount antiaircraft gun ZU-23-2 on different means of transportation: MT-LB BTR-D flatcars which were allotted to the so called special trains, all-wheel drive trucks, providing this gun with mobility and manoeuvrability. It was necessary to carry out combat missions and special tasks by motorized infantry sub-units and to provide guard for motor transport ordnance column heading to military units and sub-units locations. Combat experience received from using ZU-23-2 mounted particularly on MT-LB. taking into consideration relatively low mount complexity and easy maintenance, has shown that they are able to fulfill combat missions with high efficiency on plains, mountainous terrain and in inhabited localities. Along with its powerful hitting effect their fire caused high psychological influence on the enemy. In many cases it made the enemy cease transport column firing and carry out retreat.
Catalog number: SKF 229
Scale: 1/35
Type: Self-propelled gun
Period: Cold war (1946-1991)
Weight: 380 gramm


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