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SKIF 1/35 BMP-3

SKIF 1/35 BMP-3

SKU: 204


BMP-3 is designed to increase mobility, armament outfit and level of protection of infantry, acting on battle-field under the conditions of a nuclear missiles drive. The machine is equipped with 100mm cannon/launcher, 30mm automatic cannon and 7,62mm PKT gun, mounted as a single unit in the tower section, as well as two PKT guns mounted as independent modules in the front part of the hull. The fire control system installed in the machine provides an effective shooting from the tower armament block at land and air aims. In order to exercise smokescreen for camouflage purposes, the machine is equipped with a system of launching smoke-balls "Cloud" and a thermal-smoke facilities system. In order to effect extinction of fire inside of the machine, there are two systems of fire-fighting facilities as well as three hand transportation and landing operations, it is able to move by water using water-jet propeller. The maximum speed on water is 10 km/hr. The machine crew consists of ten people: a commander, a mechanic-driver, a pointer-operator and seven landing troops soldiers. The machine is equipped with seats that may be used by two more persons. Landing troops soldiers are able to deliver aiming fire with their guns through embrasures in their compartment and with the guns of the independent modules. The machine is equipped with a device entrenching the machine. Track mover consists of treads with rubber-covered link rail and rubber-steel links. The machine is equipped with individual torsion suspension.


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